Tempe Town Lake Safety and Etiquette Reminders By: Andrea Siegrist-Baez

Just a few reminders as we are getting back into the swing of things:


Lake Traffic Pattern

Traffic pattern is counter clockwise which means when you are heading east you should be on the south side of the lake and when you are heading west you should be on the north side of the lake. Remember slower vessels and beginners should stay closer to the middle of the lake allowing faster vessels to go around on the outside (toward the shoreline).


Situational Awareness

The lake is extra busy right now considering that most clubs are only sending people out in single person boats and there has been an uptick in the number of private owners buying boat permits. This requires an added level of situational awareness for all of us. With this in mind please be sure that you are taking that “extra look”. We have had some near misses in the past couple weeks that could have been avoided with an extra look and more awareness of what’s out in front of the boat..


Boat Docks and Boat Ramp

With the increase in boating activity over the past few weeks we are finding that there are kayaks and stand-up paddleboards being left out blocking access points at the lake, especially at the marina boat ramp. Please be courteous to your fellow boaters and move your equipment away from the dock, boat ramp or sandy beach if for some reason you cannot load it up right away.


Boat Lights

Reminder, white on the stern and red/green (preferably) on the bow of each vessel (fixed to the vessel not the person). Also please be sure that the lights you are using are bright enough to be seen from at least a couple hundred meters away. Dim lights are more likely to blend in with the sea of lights coming from surrounding buildings, street lights and cars.


Swimming in the Lake

We have been getting reports of people swimming in the lake, especially down at Boat Beach. If you see swimmers please call Tempe Non-Emergency PD (480 350-8311) or 911 if you feel it necessary.


Stopping Under the Bridges

I know it is hot out there and we are always craving a few minutes of shade mid-practice. This can be really problematic if there are multiple boats stopped under the bridges. This is especially an issue for Rural Bridge as it is right in the middle of a lot of boating traffic. Please do not stop under any of the bridges to rest unless you and those with you are under the center pylons.


Thank you all, stay healthy and be safe out there!



Ryan Allison

Boating Coordinator

City of Tempe

Office: (480) 350-8034


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