Race results not the only measure of a regatta's success By: Jennifer Blatt

What is a regatta if not a challenge? A rower needs to meet the physical demands of the racing, and the physical and mental demands of travelling with a crew and its boats. There’s always something new and different to learn at each one: no two are ever alike. And so it went at the Head of the American on Saturday, October 26. In a regatta that featured its largest-ever number of entries, there was no shortage of experiences!


Rio immediately took on the challenge by entering 13 races, with 20 rowers. There were 1x’s, 2x’s, 4x’s, 4+’s, and an 8+. In the midst all of those entries and races, Rio only managed to lose one skeg (the 8+), one bow number (the mixed 2x), and scratch one race (couldn’t hot-seat into the W4x fast enough)! The closest to the finish line in first was a third place by the Men’s 4x (well done, fellas!), but no one finished dead last – and everyone who started a race, finished.


Though the on-water results could arguably been better, the actual results of a race and regatta aren’t always reflected in the finish times.


“I had a great time at the Head of the American, and it was a lot of fun to race with the team and support others during their races.  It was a great venue and it madeall the early mornings and meters worth it!!  I'm looking forward to the next regatta and I'm motivated to train harder and better!” 

– Kent, member of the bronze-winning Men’s Masters 4x.


Pam had a similar experience, and summed it up this way: “I love the camaraderie and support the RIo Rowing Team gives each other.  Helping to launch, rig and de-rig everyone's boats, and cheering.  I felt very supported.  Everyone just wants to help each other do his or her best in their race.


I did not bring home any medals, but I did my best and pulled my hardest for the team.  I am proud of that and proud to be a member of this team.  Now I am motivated to get faster and stronger for the next regatta.  Sprint season, here we come!”


If you’re up for the challenge, sprint season begins on March 9, 2014, right here on Tempe Town Lake, with the Desert Sprints.



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