Fleet Fundraising UPDATE: Almost there! By: Pamela Neuharth

We have almost reached the $38,000 goal needed to qualify for the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority Grant. 
 We will be buying 6 new boats, as well as a few new ergs.  You can find details on the grant and the application process at the bottom of this page. 

 We haven't crossed the finish line yet!  Click Here for the pledge form. 

Money needs to be pledged, but will not be collected until the grant is awarded in September.  Email your completed pledge form to Michele MacCollum at michelem@rowrio.org

This AZ-STA grant is a 2/3 match!  So for each $1.00 you give, Rio gets a total of $3.00!

  • You can also give now on our website, just click on the “Donate” tab. 
  • Old school?  No problem.  Mail your check to RSRC, PO Box 1550, Tempe AZ  85280.
  • RSRC is a 501c3 and your donation is tax deductible.
  • Does your company have a matching program?
  • If we exceed our goal, that's OK -- we can buy more rowing equipment!

Details: Rio has an opportunity to upgrade our fleet!  We are applying for a grant that would cover up to 2/3 of the cost for 6 new boats!  We are asking members to help Rio reach our $38,000 fundraising goal by September, when the grant will be submitted.  Once we raise $38,000, the grant will cover the balance of the expense, which is $77,000!  Please donate now!  Click here for more details.


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