Desert Sprints Volunteers Needed! By: Unknown

There's a lot of work in the planning and running of a regatta, and it could NOT be done without the work of volunteers. Heck, this entire regatta is run by volunteers! Let's do our part to help make it run smoothly.


The following is information from the Desert Sprints Volunteer Coordinator. Please take a look at it, and if you, or friends & family would like to help, please send the requested (below) list of volunteer information to Jennifer Blatt by Friday, February 20. 


Some of the volunteer positions include:
Registration/Check-in, Start Line (Stake Boats), Finish Line, Traffic/Parking Control, Ramp Masters, Clean-up, and Rovers.

  • Volunteers can be the rowers, friends of rowers, parents, siblings, children (must be at least teenage), etc.
  • We will need most of our volunteers from approximately 6:30am - 6:00pm on Saturday, although there are times that will be outside this range (course set-up and teardown, early am set-up and breakdown).
  • Most of the shifts are from 2 - 4 hours, but if there are people who are willing to help us by working longer, please let me know.
  • Ideally, it would help us if your volunteers will agree to be “assigned as needed.”  You can have your volunteers select their first choice and a second choice for their duties, and I will try to accommodate their request when possible.
  • Rover volunteer duties will vary.  Depending on the amount of regatta activity, some of the Rovers might be needed and others may not.  We need the Rovers and we need them to be flexible and to have a cell phone with them. 
  • Small children and pets should not be brought along on the shift with the volunteer.

Please remember that all clubs are responsible to assist with clean-up, all day long.  If we keep this in mind at all times, final clean-up will go quickly.


  • First and Last Name:


  • email:


  • Club Affiliation


  • I am available anytime  6:30 am to 6:00 pm


  • I am available these times:


Indicate first and second job preferences 

  • Please assign me as needed 


  • Set-up Assistance (From 5:00 am to 6:30 am)


  • Traffic/ParkingRegistration/Check-in/Information


  • Start Line (Stake Boats)


  • Finish Line


  • Car Traffic Control at the boat lot


  • Clean-up Crew at end of event


  • Tarmac (driveway) Control in various areas


  • Course Set-up: Wed 3/4 & Thu 3/5


  • Course Teardown - Sun 3/8


  • Rovers

Must have a cell phone with you

Will be assigned as needed on day of event


  • Ramp 

Must be prepared to get wet, so dress accordingly. 

You will go in the water, on the ramp, up to your knees, assisting boats



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